Special Services

As an independent Mercedes Specialist

we can can offer a great deal more than the Main Dealer

We can repair items that you would otherwise have to replace saving you £100s

Lost Keys

Even if you have lost all your keys we can help, No need to wait a week for the dealer we can often repair replace the same day, We can get into your car and release the steering lock without damage.

Instrument Cluster Repair

Instrument Cluster Repair Mercedes speedometer instrument LCD pixel cluster repair for missing pixels , LCD fading or partly visible. Mercedes display repair service. Most Mercedes owners have many problems with the speedometer instrument cluster. The most common problems are: No lighting Partial lighting Flickering or intermittent…

Mercedes Sat Nav Repair

Mercedes Sat Nav Navigation Repair Mercedes sat nav repairs , Mercedes Command APS , Mercedes Navigation Unit Repairs. Merc Sat Nav Not reading discs correctly Mercedes Navigation Taking a long time to load the naviagtion Making a noise from the DVD drive Displaying “DVD READ…

Radio Decoding

Radio Decoding Best Service Best Price We can decode almost any car radio or navigation unit. If your car battery went flat and you can’t find your radio security code? Bought a secondhand car and didn’t get the radio code with it? Radio not…

Airbag Crash Data Removal

Mercedes Airbag ECU Crash Data Repair Best Service Best Price If your car airbag system has the following syptoms : If your airbags deployed If your airbag light is flashing ? If your diagnostic tool is reading CRASH DATA STORED , ECU ERROR or DTC…

Mercedes E Class W211/R230 SBC Repair CODE C249F

Mercedes E Class W211/R230 SBC Repair CODE C249F Mercedes E Class W211/R230 SBC Repair CODE C249F Mercedes E Class W211/R230 SBC Repair CODE C249F – Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) If you own a Mercedes E Class W211 or SL R320 and have a brake error…

Start Error Repair Service

Mercedes Sprinter Start Error Repair Service If you own a Mercedes Sprinter with start error showing on the screen then taking this to the dealers can be very expensive. A new WSP (immo box) and possibly and new ECU would be required to repair the Mercedes…

Reprogramming Used ECUs

We are able to reprogrammost  used ECUs so if you need to replace your old ECU talk to us first, we can advise you on the best course of action, if we cant do it , it cant be done

Speed Limiter Removal

We can  remove speed limiters on cars and vans, as many Mercedes vehicle now have limiters fitted.