Servicing your Mercedes vehicle on a regular basis will help ensure trouble free motoring from one year to the next, and add value to your vehicle when you come to sell it.

Our fully qualified technicians will carry out a thorough examination of your vehicle and advise you of any faults or concerns regarding the safety or reliability of your vehicle.

Please see details of our Mercedes Servicing costs below which primarily depend on the Model and engine size of your Mercedes.


Model Cylinders Service A Service B
A Class 4 £80 £170
B Class 4 £80 £170
C Class 4 £80 £170
C Class 5 £85 £185
C Class 6 £90 £185
E Class 4 £80 £180
E Class 5 £85 £185
E Class 6 £90 £185
E Class 8 £100 £195
S Class 6 £90 £185
S Class 8 £100 £195
M Class 5 £85 £185
M Class 6 £90 £185
M Class 8 £100 £195
R Class 6 £90 £185



Please note V6 &V8petrol vehicles requiring plug change services. Please note the following prices. V6 Service every 50-60k £410, V8 is £440 inclusive of parts plus vat.

These prices are correct for most models. However due to the complex and varied model range we reserve the right to amend our price upon sight of the vehicle.

* For Diesel models (fitted with particulate filter) requiring MB229.31 Oil add £55 for 4 cylinder models & £65 for 5&6 cylinder models. We are able to check whether the vehicle is fitted with an particulate filter, by supplying a chassis number for the vehicle concerned.

* All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.